How to join the Cybree community?


Hello and happy to see you in Cybree, the next generation cloud. To join the Cybree community, you don't need to bind your credit card, and it only takes Two Steps:

  • Register a Cybree account
  • Join in Cybree community with your Cybree account

Let's get started!

Step 1: Register a Cybree account and Verify Your Email

  1. Open Input your email address and click Create Free Account. You can also just click Sign Up.


  1. Register with your email address and set the password.


  1. Confirm your email address and activate your Cybree account by clicking the verification link which we just sent to your email inbox.


Step 2: Join in Cybree community with your Cybree account.

  1. Now you’ve registered your Cybree account, and for joining in the Cybree community you don’t need to add your credit card. Just open, and click Sign in with Cybree.


  1. Great! You've successfully join the Cybree community.