How to Get Started with Cybree


Hello and Welcome to Cybree, the next generation cloud. The registration only takes Two Easy Steps:

  1. Verify your email address
  2. Bind your credit card

Let's get started!

Step 1: Register and Verify Your Email

  1. Input your email address and click Create Free Account. You can also just click Sign Up.


  1. Register with your email address and set the password.


  1. Confirm your email address and activate your Cybree account by clicking the verification link which we just sent to your email inbox.


  1. Well done! Now you’ve registered your Cybree account. Before deploying your first instance in Cybree, you need to add your credit card in the Billing page.

Step 2: Bind Your Credit Card

  1. Now you should be automatically directed to Billing Tab to fill in your credit card details. Note that: We DO NOT charge your card until you have service payment. In order to verify the information, we will make a small pre-authorization to your card. You will see it released in a few days.


  1. Fill in all the necessary credit card details and billing address information, check the Payment security agreement and click Save Card.


  1. After adding your credit card, all Cybree products are available on the dashboard. And you can check your consumption in Billing-Consumption-Summary Costs.


  1. Great, Now that you have successfully complete your registration. You can go ahead and deploy our first instance.

Step 3: Deploy your first instance

  1. Click Deploy + to deploy a new instance.


  1. Select region, instance type and image according to your needs.


  1. Set instance name and password, and the user name is defaulted as root. You can also decide the instance's quantity you want to deploy.


  1. Now you’ve deployed your first instance, the corresponding public and private IP address are shown as below.


If you have more questions, please check out our Cybree FAQ, or send to


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