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How to join the Cybree community?


Hello and happy to see you in Cybree, the next generation cloud. To join the Cybree community, you don't need to bind your credit card, and it only takes Two Steps:

  • Register a Cybree account
  • Join in Cybree community with your Cybree account

Let's get started!

Step 1: Register a Cybree account and Verify Your Email

  1. Open Input your email address and click Create Free Account. You can also just click Sign Up.


  1. Register with your email address and set the password.


  1. Confirm your email address and activate your Cybree account by clicking the verification link which we just sent to your email inbox.


Step 2: Join in Cybree community with your Cybree account.

  1. Now you’ve registered your Cybree account, and for joining in the Cybree community you don’t need to add your credit card. Just open, and click Sign in with Cybree.


  1. Great! You've successfully join the Cybree community.


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How to Get Started with Cybree


Hello and Welcome to Cybree, the next generation cloud. The registration only takes Two Easy Steps:

  1. Verify your email address
  2. Bind your credit card

Let's get started!

Step 1: Register and Verify Your Email

  1. Input your email address and click Create Free Account. You can also just click Sign Up.


  1. Register with your email address and set the password.


  1. Confirm your email address and activate your Cybree account by clicking the verification link which we just sent to your email inbox.


  1. Well done! Now you’ve registered your Cybree account. Before deploying your first instance in Cybree, you need to add your credit card in the Billing page.

Step 2: Bind Your Credit Card

  1. Now you should be automatically directed to Billing Tab to fill in your credit card details. Note that: We DO NOT charge your card until you have service payment. In order to verify the information, we will make a small pre-authorization to your card. You will see it released in a few days.


  1. Fill in all the necessary credit card details and billing address information, check the Payment security agreement and click Save Card.


  1. After adding your credit card, all Cybree products are available on the dashboard. And you can check your consumption in Billing-Consumption-Summary Costs.


  1. Great, Now that you have successfully complete your registration. You can go ahead and deploy our first instance.

Step 3: Deploy your first instance

  1. Click Deploy + to deploy a new instance.


  1. Select region, instance type and image according to your needs.


  1. Set instance name and password, and the user name is defaulted as root. You can also decide the instance's quantity you want to deploy.


  1. Now you’ve deployed your first instance, the corresponding public and private IP address are shown as below.


If you have more questions, please check out our Cybree FAQ, or send to

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You may post any questions you have here

You may post any questions you have here. And our Cybree support team will help to answer your questions.

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How to Install Cyberpanel on Centos 8

In this tutorial, we will explain how to install and configure CyberPanel on a Cybree instance with CentOS 8.


  • Deploy a Cybree Instance with CentOS 8 image.
  • Connect to your instance via Cybree VNC terminal, or use other terminal (such as Putty SSH) to connect your instance
  • Login to account with sudo or root privileges. The default Centos administrator login name is root

Step 1: Update Package Repository Cache

  1. Before you start building the stack, be sure to update the packages on your CentOS 8 server using the command:

    dnf update -y
  2. Wait a few minute to download and process until it prompts "Complete!"

Step 2: Edit PIP

  1. We need to edit pip.conf. Use vi or your favorite editor

    vi ~/.pip/pip.conf
  2. In the pip.conf, remove

    index-url =
  • and replace with:

    index-url =
  • then save the pip.conf file

Step 3: Install Cyberpanel

  1. Download and run the cyberpanel

  2. During the installation, you will be prompted for several questions, as shown below:

Detecting Centos 8...
Valid IP detected...
Checking server...
Checking OS...
Detecting CentOS 8.X...
Checking virtualization type...
Checking root privileges...

You are runing as root...
CyberPanel Installer v2.01
 1. Install CyberPanel.
 2. Addons and Miscellaneous
 3. Exit.
 Please enter the number[1-3]: 1
  • We want to install CyberPanel, so enter the number 1 and then hit [Enter] to install CyberPanel. And also follows the instruction to install with default or your own custom settings
  1. When the setup completes, you will see the follow screen

                CyberPanel Successfully Installed

                Current Disk usage : 7/40GB (19%)

                Current RAM  usage : 306/882MB (34.69%)

                Installation time  : 0 hrs 36 min 0 sec

                Visit: https://your-server-ip:8090
                Panel username: admin
                Panel password: 1234567
                Visit: https://your-server-ip:7080
                WebAdmin console username: admin
                WebAdmin console password: kFC8GB5uD48acTRA

                Visit: https://your-server-ip:8090/rainloop/?admin
                Rainloop Admin username: admin
                Rainloop Admin password: XT16PshuMxxdkW

             Run cyberpanel help to get FAQ info
             Run cyberpanel upgrade to upgrade it to latest version.
             Run cyberpanel utility to access some handy tools .

              Website :
              Forums  :
              Docs    :

            Enjoy your accelerated Internet by
                CyberPanel & OpenLiteSpeed                                      
If your provider has a network-level firewall
Please make sure you have opened following port for both in/out:
TCP: 8090 for CyberPanel
TCP: 80, TCP: 443 and UDP: 443 for webserver
TCP: 21 and TCP: 40110-40210 for FTP
TCP: 25, TCP: 587, TCP: 465, TCP: 110, TCP: 143 and TCP: 993 for mail service
TCP: 53 and UDP: 53 for DNS service
Would you like to restart your server now? [y/N]:
  • Next, type y and hit [Enter] to configure the Firewall and restart your server.

  • Note: Please remember the CyberPanel and WebAdmin panel username and password from the above output.

Step 4. Access the CyberPanel Web UI

  • At this point, we have installed and configured CyberPanel and it’s now listening on port 8090. You can access it using the URL https://your-server-ip:8090. You will be redirected to the CyberPanel login page


  • Provide your admin username, password and click on the Sign in button. You should see the CyberPanel dashboard in the following screen:


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Cybree FAQ

Billing & Charge

Q: How is the Cybree Instance monthly usage calculated?

Cybree provides Pay as You Go service. All the resources are hourly priced with a monthly price cap, so your instance bill will never exceed its monthly price cap.

Regardless of the month, Cybree calculates the hourly price based on the monthly cap divided by 672 hours (or 4 weeks).

For example, for Instance XS 1C1G:

  • The price per month is $5 USD/Month.
  • The price per hour is $5 USD / 672 hours = $0.00744USD/Hour.

The usage depends on the number of hours the instance has been running over this month and is rounded up to the nearest hour.

Period Actual Usage Effective Usage Calculation Charge
00:00:00 1st August, 2020 - 00:00:00 31st August, 2020 31 days = 744 hours 672 hours (capped) $5 (capped) $5.00 USD
00:00:00 1st August, 2020 - 00:00:00 20th August, 2020 20 days = 480 hours 480 hours $5 * (480/672) = $3.571 $3.57 USD
00:00:00 1st August, 2020 - 10:40:30 1st August, 2020 10 hours and 40 minutes and 30 seconds 11 hours $5 * (11/672) = $0.0818 $0.08 USD

Estimated usage can be viewed in billing page before monthly invoice.

Q: What is the Cybree billing cycle?
Cybree is billed monthly. We invoice on the first day of each calendar month for the previous month's usage and automatically charge on your credit within the next 24 hours. However, we reserve the right to charge the usage on the credit card before end of month. If the charge failed, we reserve the right to stop your service.

For first time registered user, we will put a small amount of pre-authorization on your credit card. This pre-authorization amount is not an actual charge, and will be released in a few days.

Q: How to pay for Cybree usage?
Credit card associated with your account will be charged automatically on the billing day.

Unfortunately, we currently do not accept other form of payment. But please let us know what other form of payment you would recommend us to add.

Q: What kind of credit card does Cybree support?
We support Visa Card, Master Card, American Express Card, and JCB Card.

Q: How do I change my credit card?
Please contact if you would like to change or update your credit card information.

Q: When does Instance usage period starts and ends?
The instance usage period starts when you deploy the instance. And usage period ends when you delete the instance. Note that Shutting Down the Instance does not count as stopping the usage. The instance will still incur hourly cost until it is deleted.

Q: Does Instance still incur hourly charge when it is shut down?
Yes. The instance still incur usage when it is shut down, because it still retains all the data. The usage period ends only when the instance is deleted.

Q: Does the Instance renew automatically?
Yes. The instance will renew automatically providing the end of month credit card payment is successful.

Q: What is the refund policy?
As Cybree only charges per resource usage, there is no refund. However you may contact if you have any questions about your monthly bill.

Account Management

Q: I forget my password/My account is locked and unable to login. Please Help.
You can click on "Forget Password?" at the Log in page to reset your password. Or you can contact for assistance

Q: How do I reset my password?
At the console, you can click on your account email to expand the selection, and click "Reset Password" to reset.

Q: How do I change my account email?
Please contact with your current account email and we can help you with the transfer.

Q: How do I delete my account?
Please contact with your current account email. We will make sure the account is properly deleted and you do not need to worry about any incurring new charges.

Instance & Firewall

Q: What does instance DDoS protection mean and how it works?

It means Cybree can protect you from a DDoS attack to the instance when the attack bandwidth is under the limitation (usually 1Gbps). If the attack bandwidth is higher than the limitation, your internet IP will be banned for 24 hours, to protect other Cybree users.

Q: What does instance transfer mean?

It means the monthly internet traffic limitation of this instance. If the usage traffic exceed the limitation, the bandwidth of your instance will be limited to 1 Mbps until next month.

Q: What is the cpu platform of Cybree instance?

In the same region, we provide same cpu type, which is either 2nd Intel Xeon (2.5 GHz) or AMD EPYC2 (2.9GHz).

Q: Is there any way to get a custom configuration?

We currently do not offer custom configuration. However, if the standard configuration can not satisfy your needs, please email us at to tell us your business scenario, and we can work out a solution for you.

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